7 Ways of Generating Leads for Email Marketing

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7 Ways of Generating Leads for Email Marketing

Are you looking for ways of generating leads for email marketing campaigns? It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the most powerful channels for engaging with your customers these days, but the people praising them often neglect to tell you how to grow your email list or build your email list without simply spamming people and hoping for the best! Here we provide you with 7 ways for generating leads for email marketing purposes!

1. Welcome Mats

These are full-screen CTAs which are displayed on your landing page. They appear right at the top of your website, featuring enticing language and images. However, if customers want to scroll past your welcome mat, they are able to do so. You can use welcome mats to build your email list before you launch, direct your visitors to blog posts, or much more. If you simply want to grow your email list which already exists, you can use a welcome mat for this too.

2. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are not the annoyance that they used to be anymore – they can now be a powerful tool for engaging with visitors to your website. Modern pop-ups are designed to be less intrusive and irritating than their predecessors, getting straight to the point of what they want you to do. Well-timed pop-ups are a great way for you to build an email list from site visitors, especially if they’re repeat visitors who clearly have an interest in your company.

3. Direct engagement

It may seem a little old-school, but directly engaging with customers is one of the best ways of generating leads for email marketing campaigns. Direct engagement could mean forums, live chats, and customer help centers. Make sure that your customer representatives are focused on building your email list.

4. Invest in technology

If you’re going to grow your email list consistently, you need to make sure that you’re not closing yourself off to new technologies and new ways of doing things. There are so many digital devices and apps these days which can help you to attract new leads and build new customer relationships – companies which fail to embrace modern technology will struggle to keep up with the competition.

5. Use social media streams

Social media sites, especially more “professional” ones such as Twitter, can be a great way for your company to interact with customers, build leads, and grow your email list. Using specialized tools which analyze the metrics of your social media following, you will be able to see when the best time to post is, the kinds of posts which are getting the most engagement, and what kinds of people are making up your customer base.

6. Use content marketing strategies

More and more companies are using content marketing strategies as a way of generating leads for email marketing purposes. Content marketing involves producing high-quality content which is related to your company’s niche while simultaneously being entertaining for your audience. For instance, a makeup company may post a video tutorial to Facebook showing their customers how to use their makeup products in order to pull off a certain look. After piquing the interest of the customers, they are more likely to inspire email signups and build their email list.

7. Make your tweets interesting

If you’re going to post promotional copy to Twitter and similar platforms, at least try to make it as interesting as possible. Remember to play to your audience and not to your stakeholders! If your audience is largely non-professional, then speak to them in their language instead of boring them with corporate nonsense. Also use images, videos, and other multimedia techniques to make your posts more appealing and interesting to view. The more that you can entice your customers, the more chance you have of being able to build email lists for your campaign.

Introducing Bumpleads

7 Ways of Generating Leads for Email Marketing

Bumpleads is a digital system which provides you with many modern ways of generating leads for email marketing campaigns, helping you to attract leads and then push them down the funnel. Bumpleads can be used for both social automation and lead generation, giving you an all-in-one system for controlling your email list and managing your customer relationships.

Bumpleads uses cutting-edge technology to promote signups to your email list at exactly the right moment. This way, customers don’t get irritated at your request – they are already part-way down the sales funnel and are more likely to give you their email details.

The system also allows you to promote enticing offers, promotions, coupons, and incentives at key points throughout the sales cycle, tempting customers to sign up for your email campaigns. You can create sales pages which are optimized for conversions and building your email list, providing you with powerful back-end marketing systems which are attracting new leads and pushing existing leads further down the sales funnel to conversion.

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